i have a naming problem with this vserver switch.
my virtual servers have not typical names like clustername_volumename_SERVER. so i donn't know witch name i have to use.

ConsoleOne Shows this Objects:
Servers (Context)
..|_CL1_Groupwise (Virtual Serverobject)
....NSW-CL1_GROUPWISE (VolumeObject)
....NSW-CL1_GROUPWISE_Pool (PoolObject)
....NSW-CL1 (ClusterObject)
......|_GRPWISE_SERVER (Virtual Cluster Object)

Windows shows this Objects in NetworkEnviroment:
Cl1_grpwise (Serverobject)
..|_GRPWISE (Volume)

I tried all this names in the /vserver switch. But no one works.
(normaly i prefer /vserver-CL1_GRPWISE)

If i remove the /vserver switch tsafsgw works fine, but tsa shows the GW-objects normaly under the physical server.

Here is my config:
Netware 6.5 SP7, GW8 Sp1

Thanks in advance,