Just spent the day trying to get nat working properley...

After changing isp got with Craigs help nat working for multiple public
address ranges (his tip aug23 2001)

today mail stopped passing thru nat...have tryed rebinding everything,
and re adding secondary addresses

ie: 203.x.x.x is on pub address

on same nic have bound second public add of 210...

in nat table for 203.x.x.x have static records for

210.x.x.a to 210.x.x.a (one web server)
210.x.x.b to 210.x.x.b (second web server)
210.x.x.c to 192.x.x.x (mail server)

and also in nat table to 210...

210.x.x.b to 192.b.b.b

this config did work until this morning...however rentering config
as per my notes doesnt work..(have tried for many hours)

Any one know what is broken..or what I have done wrong.