On a Windows 2008 server, with Novell Client 2 installed I realized some weried feature:
If the password sync. is forced, no matter if the eDirectory username is different then the windows username, the password of the windows user will be changed to the eDirectory users`s password.

A bit more detailed:
Windows 2008, run as Terminal Server.
There is a user called test1 in eDirectory, and there is a user called test2 in the windows server.
The password are different, let`s say pass1, and pass2.
If I do an RDP connection, and use test1 as the Novell Login user (with pass1 as passwd), and after that use test2 as the windows server user (with pass2 as passwd) the password syncronization takes place, and it is `nicely` change test2 users`s password to pass1.

Is this realy `working as it should`? I strongly dissagree that this is a good way of syncronizing passwords.