I have two volumes running on a Netware 6.0 server.
The volumes are SYS and PFOLDERS. They physical volumes are basic IDE drives.

Volume PFOLDERS only contains the personal folders for the users and after 7+ years is finally running out of space and must be replaced with a larger hard drive as its only 75gb.

Can someone give me detailed instructions as to the best way to accomplish replacing this drive? I know to backup the data from the drive and how to physically replace the drive, but as far as removing the volume from the tree
and installing a new one, I'm lost.

I know enough to do the basic management of the server but anything beyond that I need step by step help on. The basic information for the server is...

CONTEXT: dataentry

Lastly, I would like the new volume named the same as the old one as many of the Windows Workstations use this volume to store the individual users Desktop and Documents in their Personal Folders. In other words, I want the path for the new volume to remain the same as the old one.

My direct email is crushin at ameriprodata dot com.