We've witnessed a problem with the ZCM 10.2 agent a couple of times now and wondered if anyone else had found this.

After logging on (which took slightly longer than usual) and looking at the agent properties it appears that it forgot it's being managed. The server properties all list as unmanaged. I could still log in to the agent using the e-directory account it had been using before though. Refreshing the agent made no difference.

Logged on to the ZCM server the device was still listed there, and with no errors. It could not be refreshed though (stayed on 0% for 10 minutes before I stopped it). Ran the discovery task again and it found the device, but I couldn't do anything with it.

Finally resorted to removing the agent from the machine, and re-added manually. This has resolved the issue, but we don't want to have to visit machines whenever this happens, especially once we've added 100's more.