ZCM 10.2. So here's the bundle chain;

#1) Copy I Access 400's install folder to c:\somdir\sompath. This is an install action bundle with no launch action. It uses an "Install Directory" action to copy 400 MB of install files. Then it does an install file action to copy an ini file. It has a system requirement that the PC has 1.5GB of free disk space and has the old verison of client access via a registry check.

#2) This removed the existing version of client access. It has a system requirement that the c:\somdir\sompath\setup.exe file exists before installing. This reboots the PC (ZCM throws up in event logs action can not complete because workstation is shutting down, as it normally does when a reboot action is in play.)

#3) checks to make sure c:\somdir\sompath\setup.exe exists and then installs the setup.exe

If I launch these individually, manually, they work. I assigned this bundle group to 3 test VMs and it worked on them, though it was very slow.

I assigned the bundle group to 4 physical PC's.

PC #1) didn't do step #1, copy the files, but it did step #2 even though the system requirement was missing. It didn't do step #3

PC #2) worked
PC #3) Did step #1 and Step #2 but didn't do step#3 because the setup.exe didn't exist per Zenworks (though it was actually there.)

PC #4) did the same thing as PC #3)

WTF?! Why does ZCM skip steps in bundle groups, then launch a step that fails system requirements of the first step being completed? Why does it say the file doesn't exist in the ZAL proprieties when it does exist?

Known bugs fixed in 10.2.1, perhaps?