I'm not certain this is ging to be clear, but here is the fact I can give

We have BM3.7 SP3 Installed on NW6 SP3
This Server has 3 NICS

x.x.x.199 mask x.x.x.240 (public) with dynamic NAT Enabled
x.x.x.1 mask (private)

I can access all the servers on the public subnet through NAT (ie.
x.x.x.202 mask x.x.x.240) except server with IP x.x.x.194 mask x.x.x.240)

It can't be a filter issue since I disabled IP filtering just to test,
and still couldn't reach it

When trying to trace for example x.x.x.202 it was OK but tracing
x.x.x.194, it didn't even show up the first hop (even when I forced the
route on my PC)

When we first configured the server, we misused the address x.x.x.194 as
being the public interface, but we changed it to x.x.x.199 with
inetcfg-Bindings and made necessary changes in the Static Routing Table.

There must be an old entry in some config file... but I can't find out
Anyone a good idea ? Thanks