>you can do this with BM by configuring the generic TCP proxies, in
>NWadmn32,BM setup.
>Caterina Luppi
>Novell Support Connection Volunteer Sysop

I try to map the local host's IP port 80 to BM public IP any port. I've
configured the generic TCP proxy on my BM. I wrote in the "Origin Server
Hostname" and "Origin Server Port" boxes the private IP and port of local
host in corporate network. I set my public IP of BM and wrote in the "Proxy
Port" box the port number 80.
When BM was synchronized, I checked in my web browser by writing
When I wrote this address from any corporate workstation, the page from
mapped local host with http service was displayed. That was becouse hosts in
my corporate network knows local DNS. But when I wrote
http://public_ip_of_my_BM in address box of browser from host in internet, I
saw only probably forward address:
http://xxx/yyy (xxx - local computer's hostname that serve HTTP service in
my LAN, yyy - virtual link in xxx).
I saw then only a message: "The specified page cannot be displayed...",
becouse host in internet doesn't know what's mean xxx/yyy.
1. Is this situation normal?
2. Does the configured ports in TCP generic proxy settings ("Origin Server
Port" and "Proxy Port") need to be the same? When I wrote different ports
for those two options, no page was displayed even on computer from local
3. Can I use the TCP generic proxy service in the case that host from
internet would display the page from computer in local corporate network?