I have just upgraded from NetWare 6.5 to OES 2.1 on Linux.

Since the upgrade, my W2K SP4 desktops have been having
excruciatingly slow file access times, but not all the

Opening the Explorer window can take up to a minute before
the network drives show up.

Opening a document can take up to 2 minutes to load. After
copying that file to the desktop, opening it again takes
less than 2 seconds.

After opening a file, it may take 90-120 seconds to close
the file and save the changes.

However, once you open a file and close it, you can go right
back into it and the response is immediate. Opening My
Computer a second time is also immediate. If you wait for a
while and re-open something, you may be back at the 2 minute
wait stage again.

It seems to be only the W2K boxes. My XP Pro machines don't
exhibit this behavior, and neither did the W2K boxes before
the OES migration.

It doesn't happen all the time. Most of the users will say
it happens on 5 out of 10 files they open and close.

I have installed client 4.91SP2, SP4 and SP5 with little

I have turned OPS Locks off at the server with no change.

I stopped using Novell map commands to attach the user's
network drives and moved to using windows NET USE commands.
This helped, but did not resolve the issue.

Logging in runs fine so the workstation can see the servers,
and the machines can ping and surf just fine. GroupWise and
iPrint are unaffected.

Any ideas on where to look?