We are beginning the process for upgrading to ZCM 10.2.1 and have run into an interesting issue. Our content server is currently at 10.2.0 on SLES 10.1. The update was downloaded successfully and shows as ready to install. What is interesting is that the downloads/rpm folder does not have any 10.2.1 rpms while the downloads/msi folder does have 10.2.1 msi files. When we deploy this to the content server it immediately moves the server to the success column, but the version does not change. I have attempted deleting and redownloading the update a couple of times, and have also attempted to use the manual update procedure as well without success.

I have opened the zip file and do have RPM files listed. Would it be wise to simply move them into the downloads/rpm folder? Are there other locations that I should check for issues? Am I correct in assuming that others are not experiencing this issue?

Thank you very much for any assistance you can provide!