We have a situation where users that are not created or maintained in our tree, use our workstations to log into a server at another campus. Our server and the other campus's server are not synced, do not share edir data, etc. We set up contextless login and use the hosts file to enable a single user to log on at any campus.

We would like to keep a record of which netware userID logged onto our machine, as well as the time they logged in. Seems like it would have to be something that is triggered by the NW Client on our machine, that writes to the C: drive on our machine, etc. as the client is the only thing in this login process that we have control over.

For users that we do create, we can easily do this by running a DOS batch file when they login and echoing system variables to a text file. But I'm just stumped on how to do this for a user that is not ours. It's a rather large security hole, as we are relying on the other campuses to run their labs as well and as tight as we run ours.

Any assistance will be certainly appreciated.