Intially I thought I was having problem with my client-site vpn on bm3.6
sp1a after the sp7 & edir install, couldn't ping any add inside the
network.All this was working prior to the sp7 & edir install on the BM 3.6

I tried accessing my workstation from home over pcanywhere & connection
timed out. Tried pinging the address, no luck. Tried accessing other
station no luck. Checked to see if station had pcanywhere turned on, also
made sure that bordermanager had the secondary ip address & also network
address translation from public to private under bordermanger.

I cannot ping host that are nat unless they have explicit icmp filter
specified for them, I tried ping the public add of the static nat on
bordermanager, the ping rate is 100%. I posted the same message in
different area, also I still can't ping the hosts or access them through
pcanywhere after unloading ipfilt.nlm. I am guessing issue with the nat,
can someone please shed some light on this issue.

Thanks in advance..