I've just read in the OES2 SP1 Linux Installation Guide, in the Updating (Patching) an OES 2 SP1 Linux Server section, Quick Path Updating sub-section, that when performing a rug up "If the -t patch option is omitted, rug includes SLES packages in the download that can cripple or completely break OES services."

I've never used the -t switch, and have never had a problem. I understand that doesn't mean I might not have a problem in the future.

According to the rug man page the -t switch, when used with rug up, specifies the type of updates. Following the Installation Guide instructions I would indicate SLES10-SP2-Updates OES2-SP1-Updates with the switch (the complete command would be rug up -t patch SLES10-SP2-Updates OES2-SP1-Updates).

Rug ca returns SLES10-SP2-Updates OES2-SP1-Updates as the catalogs the server is subscribed to.

So basically, I don't see the point in using the -t switch and explicitly indicating the catalogs when the server is subscribed to only those catalogs anyway.

Is there some other reason we should be using the -t switch?