I set up dynamic NAT on a BM server for a client this past week. Until
Sunday we were uding the public addresses 206.*.*.* for the internal
network. This past Sunday we changed the internal addresses to a private
range of 192.168.*.*. Everything was working fine yesterday until this
morning aat about 9:00. They lost internet access. They have had
problems the past few days with their ISP so they called them first. I
was called about 9:20 or so and we tried pinging several addresses outside
the network without success. By the time I was ready to go to the site
the service was back and working fine. I was unable to find any reason
for the loss of internet service. Is it possible we lossed NAT for a
short period of time and it restarted? If so what would cause NAT to quit
working? I did have my contact person disable and reenable the NAT
dynamic mode shortly before it started working again. The main server is
running NW 5.1 and BM I think is 3.6.

Thanks in advance for you help and advice.