I know this kind of problem has been talked about several times before
but so far I could not see that a solution has been provided. First time
I've experienced this problem with GW 7 and now with GW 8 it still
exists. Therefor I have talked with Novell Support and this issue has
been confirmed as a bug!

Nevertheless I place this question here, hoping that somebody may have
found a workaround:

- GW 8.0 HP 2
- Default internet adress format is "UserID@domain" (default)
- having multiple domains listed in the same GW System (only one Domain
and one Post Office)
- for each user object the preferred email ID is overidden
- as far as necessary the default internet domain is overriden for a
user, to bind him to a specific domain

Now for a user I have to create a second mail account with the same
email ID, but different domain. According to GW documentation this is
possible, because the combination(!) of email ID and domain has to be

existing user "John Smith", NDS user id "Smith", preferred id overridden
with "j.smith", selected domain at user level is "domain.org"
-> "j.smith@domain.org"

Now a Groupwise external entity should be created (I only need a mail
account, no NDS account), named "Smith2", preferred mail id overridden
with "j.smith" (same as above), but selected domain is
-> "j.smith@seconddomain.org"

I can create the entity but when I change default mail id and domain I
receive error "db57" by ConsoleOne, stating that this email address is
already in use.

Using the mail adress search tool of ConsoleOne I can not find the
adress j.smith@seconddomain.org to be used already.

This means in fact there is no naming conflict, but ConsoleOne *thinks*
there is one and therefor does not allow me to same the configuration.
There is even no naming conflict based on the default naming, because
user ids are different (smith vs. smith2).

What has to be done to create the second mailbox??

Thanks in advance,