So I just finished importing a 3rd party certificate for use with webmail after a couple month saga and some great support from ataubman.

When I point to the new certificate in httpd.conf and restart apache then point my browser (tried with most current Firefox and IE) to webmail, I get:

An error occured during a connection.

SSL received a malformed certificate handshake message.

(Error code: ssl_error_rx_malformed_certificate)
When I look up that error code at, it says you get this error when the browser encounters a malformed certificate via SSL 3.

If I validate the certificate in ConsoleOne, it validates wonderfully.

Is it possible that my apache2 version (2.0.45a) is old enough that it isn't properly speaking SSL 3 to new browsers?

If so, can someone point me toward a tutorial on upgrading apache2. I tried upgrading to 2.0.63 but it wouldn't load and I had to bring it back to 2.0.45a.