Last night I started to push out the 10.2.1 update in stages (I now see I should have consulted the forums first), and it seems to have gotten stuck.

Here's the break down. My first stage only updates my primary ZCM server that is housed on a Windows 2003 box. The server appears to have updated properly. It has the right version numbers in the version.txt file, the agent reports the right versions, and ZCC shows the right versions. However, the update still says in process. Click on for details, get none.

First I checked the system information, and now I get this message every few minutes :
"The assignment web service encountered the following exception while handling "getEffectiveAssignments" request for 2635369d09cea12c31c7b34dc94b42a2: org.hibernate.exception.SQLGrammarException: could not execute query"

I also check the update logs. It looks like it installed everything fine, but keeps saying :
"Unable to update status with server. Unable to connect to remote server"

I have looked through the forums and support and found nothing that seemed to be related. I have tested some and it appears everything else is functioning correctly. It looks to me as if the update went through, but the agent isn't able to tell the ZCC that it was updated. Any ideas? Please help! And thanks in advance.