Hi there. Using bm3.6ee all patched on NW5allpatched. Mature system -
site to site VPN works, client-site VPN works,proxies are ok - all
systems normal. Using BM filters and proxy etc. One BM site does static
NAT just fine- to webservers, groupwise, other internal apps.

But I cannot get the other side to do any static NAT at all - never has.
Tracert goes all the way to the BM server (through a Cisco 678 router)
but trying to ping or tracert beyond that fails. Comparison of INETCFG
data and autoexec.ncf show basically identical configurations. Gateway
and subnet settings of hosts are set properly, and I can see them all on
the VPN (inside the firewall). I have been revisiting thie issue once in
a while for the last year or so and am out of things to try.

Any ideas? Remember: Everything works perfectly but for the static NAT
on one BM site. ISP is qwest.net and we have a block of public IPs
assigned to us.