This is a little odd.

Upgraded Primary, GWIA and PO/MTA to version 8.0.1 (aka: 8 SP1) from 7.0.3 HP3

We've moved a few user accounts in eDir only (we did NOT move their groupwise accounts as they didn't need to be moved)

Now those users cannot login to groupwise. LDAP error 32
No such object found

Now, I used my handy ldap browser and found some odd things.

Non-moved users have two values for attribute:

One will be like 7#userid@po.domain
the other will be:

(my account has attribute of: emailaddress instead, but that may have been when the account was created and what version of eDir/gw we were at the time)

The moved accounts show:


Is that normal?

The only thing I can find on the LDAP errors are things where the internet email address doesn't match what's in the internet domain setting (I double-checked and they're okay)

Oh, we're using eDir 8.8.5 on NW 6.5.7 and LDAP in GW is set for Compare, not Bind.

It's using a dedicated account to login to eDir and all other accounts work fine.

I did finally fix the issue by de-associating and re-associating, but we've never had to do that before so I don't know if it's a fluke or what.

Could be a DS issue too (I have to post in the eDir forums as I'm having some memory issues with NetWare).