I've just learned of a problem on campus that appears
to prevent users of Mac OS X 10.6 from adding printers.

This only seems to occur with the printer objects that
have SSL turned on. The student who is using his MacBook
who brought this to my attention has 10.6 installed and
running, downloaded the current version of the iPrint client
and installed successfully from the same server where these
SSL enforced printer objects reside.

For printers that do NOT have SSL enabled, he has no problems
with installing (provided I have Mac drivers associated).

Has anyone else encountered this type of problem? The
error message has it's usual Apple verbosity:

iPrint printer - the printer is currently not available.

With an OK as the only response.

Doesn't even prompt for authentication, which it does under
10.5.7 as it should (tested from an iMac).

Ideas/suggestions appreciated.