We've got a lovely NCS setup on SLES/OES. I've even configured two instances of dhcpd in a failover peer mode. (Super cool option!)

We have this five node cluster. Two of the resources run dhcpd. If they end up on the same node, only one of the dhcpd servers is active (although all addresses do respond...)

This raises the question though:

I know that we can limit the nodes which will host a particular resource. What if I have two resources that just cannot live on the same node, but I want them to have the possibility of running on any node? What I want is an exclusion that says "Load Resource A on Node X unless Resource B is already online"

I've already tried a shell script which queries for the services provided by the contentious resource, but a "cluster offline" issued by a cluster load script has a nasty way of making the resource go comatose!

Happy day! Aloha summer!