I sometimes have problems where all the network adapters aren't seen. If we uninstall ZESM, go to the folder and manually clear it out, and then re-install, it sometimes works. Sometimes they (user support) ends up re-imaging the laptop. Does anyone know where it keeps the information on what's a network adapter?

For instance, right now, if I hover over the client on a laptop that doesn't work, it'll list the modems as the only network adapter. And it puts me in an Unknown location. And yet I can get policy updates from the server. And it says I'm successfully connected to the server. And I can get out to the Internet, which we block in unknown locations.

When I add a new network adapter, like a Mobile Broadband card, it will do this the first time, but when I reboot, it adds the adapter to the list, and then it works properly. But obviously the onboard NIC and built-in wireless card weren't recently added.

Anyone seen this or have any ideas? Thanks!