I think we have found an issue with OES1LX->OES2SP1LX TransferID migrations... At some point during the migration (usually after eDir transferred, locked and source server shut down) the target server root user is losing permissions to /etc and the majority of files therein... Totally unrecoverable from... (in terms of target) and pain to get source back, unlocked and functioning...

We have hit this twice (in our test env, thankfully) and I have raised an SR. Novell have just informed me that they have managed to replicate the issue, so it's looking like it could be a bug...

FYI. our scenario -
Source:OES1LX fully patched via rug to 1Sep09, eDir
Target:OES2SP1LX, fully patched via rug to 1Sep09, eDir 8.8.5 (ndsconfig upgrade, etc. etc.)

Anyway, [I don't want to spread unnec. FUD, BUT having lost A LOT of time to this, PLEASE be careful and TEST any possible TransferID migrations.

I will try and remember to update this as and when we find out more ;-)