I am running a Novell SBS 6.0 SP4 server w/Border Manager 3.6 Sp2 with two
Netcards. My Two public IP address w/different subnets on the same Net
card will keep running but the secondary IP address fail after a few
hours, but can be pinged from inside the Network. The following is how my
config is setup:

Netcard #1(public):
IP #1 - Subnet
Static/Dynamic -> 192.xxx.1.22 -> 192.xxx.1.23 -> 192.xxx.2.25

IP #2 - Subnet
Static/Dynamic - Disabled
Secondary Ip Address bound ->

Netcard #2 (private)- 192.xxx.1.16

The modem is connected directly to Netcard #1 with not router between
them. Is there something wrong with this setup or is there something else
I have to do? My filters seem to be working fine as far as I know.

Thank you,