My company decided to start using ifolder. We have run our own server. We have been impressed with the utility. There are several issues to be solved, however we think ifolder is one of the best utilities of that sort which are available to small and medium companies.

However, the main ifolder problem is stability of the ifolder client. I myself use it on my two macs. The client often crashes. There have also been several issues when loading synchronization configuration.

Now I have no possibility to use the ifolder synchronization in one of my macs at all. There is an error message which says that there is an error while trying to connect to ifolder server. Please note that I input a proper configuration data (server address, login, password), which are exactly the same as in my first mac.

I have already uninstalled ifolder client, I have deleted all ifolder system folders which I found in my computer and I have reinstalled the client again. Unfortunatelly with no effect - I face the same issue.

My iFolder version is

Do you possibly have any idea what to do now or any hint form me?

Thanks in advence.