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Thread: Windows Vista slow perfomance

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    Windows Vista slow perfomance


    When I used the Windows XP with my Netware Server 6.5.7, the perfomance of the XP, making log in on the server and accessing to the files on the server was very good.
    Now, I upgraded all our PC from XP to Vista, the netware server to SP8 and it takes a long time to make login on the server and accessing to the files on the server also.

    There is any way to turn on this problem and speed up all the taskes of the Windows Vista PC's with the netware server 6.5.8?

    I thank on advance any kind of help that you can give me.


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    Re: Windows Vista slow perfomance

    You've posted this in the Admin Tools forum. Does that mean this slowness is only with COnsoleOne, or iManager, or something like that? If not, and you have general slowness with all operations, you need to post in the client forums.
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