OS: v7.0 Support Pack for NetWare 5.1,
BM: BorderManager 3.6 Support Pack 2A
PROXY.NLM: Version 3.72l
TCPIP.NLM: Version 5.95q

My Binding is set to NAT-Dynamic Only, IP NAT Implicit Filtering is Enabled.
But the device, connected to this network, receives an answer to the NTP
seting "nat dynamic mode to pass thru = off" results in no answers.
Seems, I did not understand NAT Implicit Filtering.
I want to hide all listeners on the server from outside, except some
selected ports. For TCP a generic proxy can be used to configure the
exceptions. For UDP it don't work, a proxy for port 123 results in
Configured Services:
Generic UDP Forwarder at TCP/IP address
** Error ** Listen error 0
Is there an other way to show a sigle UDP port on the outside interface?