Since the applying sp8 and upgrading Tomcat from 4 to 5.0 we are having issues with the zfdamrservlet. We are using Zfd 7.0 sp1. I have checked the config of web.xml file, the .conf file and the httpd.conf files to make sure they are point to the correct places. According to the logger screen when tomcat is started and stopped the servlet appears in the list but in the apache access log we get "GET /zfdamrServlet/run HTTP/1.1" 503 1129 errors. There are also some errors that end 301 400 and some 503 1140. It was working fine prior to the update, has anybody else experienced this issue? I am guessing that maybe something has changed in Tomcat. If we try to acceess the servlet directly (/zfdamrservlet/run) we just get a 503 error. Any help would be greatly appreciated