Can someone explain to me what the deal with this is. When I go to the OES2SP1 documentation home page...

Novell Documentation

and click on "management tools", scroll down to "other management tools" and click on "apache manager", taking me here...

Novell Documentation

Now, first of all. This page is titled as an OES2 document, not an OES2SP1 document (which I have seen matter).

Secondly, and this may be because of the above statement... Follow along the install instructions for getting apache manager installed on linux. It first points you to a link to download an "install.bin" - which doesnt exist. Its a tar you have to download (which even upon extracting, no install.bin exists). Basically the documents install instructions are wrong, and way off compared to the readme you find in the tar.

Am I missing something here? Or is this just a missing puzzle piece in the OES2SP1 game that people are dealing with.