Please accept my apologies if I am posting to the wrong place or if this is
covered in an FAQ somewhere. I'll happily welcome any pointers to online
resources that cover this.

I am trying to fix an issue I believe to be with BorderManager. I have
never used Novell products before, but am trying to support a friend with a
NetWare network.

He has a block of 8 IP public IP addresses. He hosts his own SMTP using a
server behind a BorderManager firewall. I figure the BorderManager box does
static NAT between the real world IP and the internal LAN IP. All this
works fine.

The SMTP box also runs WebAccess, so they can access mail via the internet
when out of the office. This was working fine. Until the BorderManager box
died, and was replaced. Now WebAccess doesn't work.

I can traceroute to the smtp ip address no problem but not the samebox on
the webaccess ip. I need to work out how to configure the NAT table on the
BorderManager box.

We've bought Craig Johnson's e-book on BorderManager. I think I need a
static NAT entry and an inbound and outbound exception filter but I'm
completely lost and really pulling my hair out now. If somebody could
explain to a Novell newbie how to configure this so it works again I would
be very grateful!

Best Wishes

Andy Savage

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