We recently had to change the IP address and subnet mask of our servers. I followed a couple of TIDs showing where all of the changes are to be made. We are now running into a very weird problem on our Border Manger server. We are running version 3.6 and it is on a Netware 6 server. When the server is rebooted, no internet traffic (other than HTTP proxy) can get through. I have checked all of the settings and everything seemed to be fine. Checked INETCFG to make sure that IP Packet Forwarding was enabled and made sure that pass thru was enabled. Ended up checking TCPCON and found that the IP Packet forwarding was disabled. In order to get IP traffic flowing again, we have to disable IP packet forwarding in INETCFG, save the settings, reinitialize the system, go back into INETCFG and reenable IP Packet forwarding, save the settings and reinitialize the system. Once this is done, everything seems to work fine (till the server is rebooted again) I cannot figure out what is causing this. Does any body have any direction to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.