We currently have NW6 running BM3.7 set up with 1 public interface and 1
private interface. Our private interface is and we are NATing
that to our public interface. We are using HTTP proxy services for all our
internet browsing---proxy being the address. The public interface
is on a state WAN link and we are using it for internet browsing, email,
citrix and other state applications. We want to offload our email,
internet and citrix traffic onto another public intrface--which is
provided by a different ISP. I know what I need to do to change over the
email to the new ipaddress on the new interface. How do I set up BM to
route internet traffic to the new public interface? Also how do I make
sure that my citrix traffic is routed to the new interface as well? Any
help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all in advance!