I'm running the Vista/2K8 client v2.0 on Win7 x64 RTM, and its working OK most of the time, but I'm seeing some very funny things. I've addressed some of the drive mapping problems by turning of UAC, but still probably one in five logins is borked. My drive map is to a clustered volume on a virt server named cluster_users_server. When the login script errors out, it is trying to map a drive to cluster_users.server.:username. If this error happens, within a few minutes the machine blue-screens with errors in nds4.sys.

Also, I when I try to map a drive to my groupwise server I get problems as well. Accessing \\groupwise\ works fine once, but when I try to map it, it becomes unaccessible. Closing explorer and browsing back out to \\groupwise\ shows me volumes from a different server (in fact shows me the same cluster virt server as above!)

I don't see any problems on XP, but another user was seeing some issues when mapping drives on Vista where his drive mapped to \\server\volume\username would randomly point to a different username (he is admin equiv so he had rights).

Anyone seen anything close to this? Any ideas where to start or what to look for in a LAN trace?