Hello everyone

I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but I was wondering if it was possible to create one base image for different models of computers. For example, my company has many different types of IBM/Lenovo laptops (T40, T60, X60) and we'd like to be able to centralize the base image we use for imaging these machines. Our plan is to have a single image we can use to push out to our machines and then install various applications via bundles. I think it would make it easier to configure and maintain the workstations if we have one image that we can then manipulate to our needs.

Also, I've heard of a program called ENGL that can be used for this type of situation. Is this program required to create a base image for multiple models, or is ZENworks capable of doing this on its own?

If anyone has any information on this, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance.