Never had this happen before. Installed Border in a lab setting..nw6.5
sp1a overlay cd, then border 3.8, then sp2 then tcp645j...

The first thing I always try to do is get dynamic NAT working then I
worry about the proxy services and so on. Opened icmp all the way so I
could test ping.

Server can ping both it's public and private interface, and can ping
points beyond on both sides of those two interfaces.

Workstation can ping border's private and public IP's but nothing beyond
the public IP. Traceroute never returns anything. Seems like Nat just
isn't working. Turned it off and back help there.

I've set this up many times in outerlying offices and in my lab...for
some reason this time it won't work. I've even blown it out and redone
my set up from the beginning...same thing....Yes, dynamic nat passtru is
set on....

Tried to do the tcpip debug = 1 thing...the packets rolled off logger
such that I could not get an F2 to save a darn thing....You woulnd't
think a brand new box would have all the much traffic just yet...

Version of NAT is 7.00.07, trying very hard to understand what's going
on here. Ideas on why nat won't work?