We use Verdana 10 as our house font, so our Groupwise preferences specify html as the default format for outgoing messages, with this font and size.

The problem is that within the Mac client, this font and size are so small as to be virtually unreadable.

With incoming messages, we can use the 'View' menu option for each individual message then select a larger size. Or we can set the preference for incoming messages to 'plain text', forced, Verdana 14.

But the moment we reply to a message, all the text becomes small and unreadable again.

We can't set a bigger default font for our outgoing messages, because this will be out of line with our house style (and for Windows recipients it will appear massive!)

I can't find a way of just zooming in on the text when we're composing a message.

We don't have a problem with any other applications on our Macs, so we don't want to change the screen resolution simply to accommodate Groupwise.

Is there a solution? Or is this is a major accessibility problem that Novell needs to take on board?