Working toward migration of NW6.5.8 to OES2 SP1 Linux. I hit a question.

When I set up LUM for my users, I have the option to assign groups. Which would be great, as I would not have to maintain individual user rights over time and personnel come and go.

What I discovered is that we don't use "groups" in our tree. The administrator long, long ago use OUs as if they were groups. OUs are not selectable in the Users/groups administration in iManager. These OUs serve the practical application of a Group, as they are 'Tellers', 'MSRs', 'Managers', etc and have generalized rights and login scripts associated with each user in the given group.

In the interrum, I selected each and every user (a small office, fortunately) and created a group for them on the local server.

Would it be wise to replace all of those OUs, four or five per location, with proper groups? Is there a shortcut for doing this?

I don't want to have to take the additional step of having to manage LUM assignments after having created a new user, moved a user from one OU to another, or deleted a departing user.