We upgraded the GW8 client on all of the OSX systems this weekend. Now on some of these clients we are getting an error about their old username cannot be found. This is only happening on those users that have had a name change and those changes where done a year ago.

Prior to Friday:
GW8 HP1 Server
GW7.0.3 Client
No errors like this where being displayed

GW8 HP1 Server
GW8 HP1 Client
Errors on Mac Client Only and Safari, but not getting the error on Firefox or on the PC Client.

The error is the same, if I was know originally as jdoe and a year ago I changed to jsmith, I would login as jsmith and when in the client it would immediately pop-up saying it could not connect to jdoe@PO, account not found.

I've also tried this user on another OSX machine and did get the error on there as well, logged in on a couple of PC's, no errors on the PCs.

Thanks in advance for the assistance,