Has anyone seen a beta for the new version?

With the old NOWS SBE 2 we've now experienced:

- NICI Install error
- The DHCP SVR dying for no reason
- iPrint jamming up for no reason - restart service required for it to
reconnect to the printers.
- iPrint not showing as installed on the Simba console, Novell Tech Support
fixed iPrint but not via the Simba console
- Patching showing via Simba showing wrong patches the SLES SP1 to SP2
- Poor information, feedback from the Simba console
- PLDAP Local user plugin, unreliable (assume this is part of the reason to
include ZCM10 as well as providing a replacement for NSBS6.5/6/6 clients)
- Poor performance of Virtual NCP
- SLP not working
- EXT3 disk checks every 60 days (tho this is not a fault with NOWS SBE, it
means a quick reboot can take some time, not good in a Small Business
- The simba installer allowed me to install both the NCP server and the
Samba server at the same time, but then I read somewhere this was bad.
- I now have a Opportunistic Locking issue, of which the OES 2 manual gives
two ways to change this. But if I use Web Based way via Novell Remote
Manager for Linux the option is not their as its been taken away.
- A product manual which at best is a few pages long, and is really
unhelpful. Like how can we setup a SSL Web Based VPN or even just a VPN that
a Windows connect can connect from.
- GroupWise 8 upgrade which did work in place, however is running old code,
are we mean to apply the patches are self, or should this come from the

Do we know if the new version will deliver:

- ZCM10 installed via a few clicks? So that we can get Dynamic Local User
and Roaming profiles up and running in a few mins. Not spend a whole day
setting up a ZCM system for a 5 or 10 user network?

- If patching for the OS, and extra Novell Products like GW and ZCM
delivered via a channel or if not the products a TID or a page in the manual
to explain the official line?

- NSS Support, will this still need to be placed on a different hard disk
(RAID Array) to the server OS?

- GroupWise Administration, at present the data is on the EXT3 volume so
with out using NCPCon via command line how are you mean to admin this from a
local workstation?

Our plot live site, are being moved to MS SBS Server 2003 this week, due to
a dislike of GroupWise, however the cause has not been helped by basic file
server features letting us down. We've raised some support requests, but
don't have the resource to spend hours on each issue. The key to a Small
Business Server is easy to install, reliability etc. Since the end of NSBS
6.6 we've been having to install MS SBS boxes, and as a product it works,
has a feature set clients like etc.

So this whole experience of NOWS SBE 2 as left us with a bad taste.

We have other OES2 sites mixed NetWare and Linux tho. So I am surprised
about this product.

How have other people deploying NOWS SBE 2 faired. Have we just had a bad

What do you think needs doing to make this product a MS SBS beater?


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