I have been unable to get through the 10.2 upgrade, even with the hotfix. (TID 7003451) Had the error msg -"The upgrade to zcm 10.2 ends with errors about pre-global actions.: Now getting the error to redeploy but I can't do anything with it. I have been duplicating the errors on a test VM with no network connectivity (which creates it's own set of issues but it's all I have).
Is there anyway to clean this install up? We have had issues with the system update since the very beginning. What I'd really like to do is a clean install but our pc folks have put a lot of work into it already and do not want to lose any of their work. We have one primary server and one imaging server. They have also been testing with satellite devices, which seem to function ok. We are using an external cert, the primary reports the loopback address with the ZC command.
Any thoughts, steps to get this install more trouble free? Thanks