Hi There!

I have a 25GB Mailbox, and I use GW8. I have about 65000
items in my Mailbox and about 85000 in my sent items.

To keep things manageable I configured the Mailbox and Sent
Items to only display items going back as far as 30 days in
the past and 2 weeks into the future.
The problem is that with that filter enabled, whilst only
say 2000 items are being displayed, the time it takes to
display that 1000 items is between 9-22 seconds.
If I turn off the filter the entire list is displayed in
about 2-3 seconds. The problem with having the entire list
displaying is using the quick filter is much slower because
having to quick filter 65000 items vs the normal 1000 Items
(which is very fast). I don't want to move items out of my
default folders, and I am sure this used to be quite quick.

I tried deleting and recreating my indexes about 2 months
ago, and it made no difference (and took a LONG time to do
it, even running continuously).

Other than moving the items from the locations, is there a
way to get my filtering working at an acceptable speed?

I have had this problem since 8.00 and run 8.01