Hi Guys,

I currently have a distrbuted server setup and everything seems to be working fine except for Repoting and VPN.

Reporting Issue.

Looking at the configuration menu and selecting Service Synchronization i see the following:

The Distribution service agent status is unavaliable. There are 0 report packages queued for processing and 523 new submissions from end point awating packaging.

Bit futher down it says.. 188 managment audit records are pending export to the repoting database.

When i click the Syc button i get the following...

Event packager restart failed to respond in a timely fashion.

I've done a packet trace and everything seems to be communcating fine... any ideas?

VPN issue.

I've followed the novell documentation as well as following this thred...


i seems to have no luck getting the VPN to enforce. On the laptop im doing testing on connects to the internet VIA a 3G network card i dont get any prompt for VPN enforcment but yet i can continue to browse the web with no issues. Anyone have and idea about this? I have the VPN to enforce on uknown location.

Any Help would be much appreicated.