I'm hoping this is in the correct forum. I have two servers here at the
main office with each of our six schools having one each. All have a public
NIC and a private NIC with the private network being 192.168.x.x where
192.68.10.x for one building, 192.168.20.x for the next, etc. My problem is
getting the users on the private LAN access to the iFolder server's public
IP address.
iFolder is on the second server here while our web site and mail are on the
other. Here's the twist: we can ping the public IP on the web/email server
but not the iFolder server from any workstation in the district that we've
checked. Both servers are on the same lan, router, etc. The iFolder
server's public IP can be pinged from any server in the district as well as
out on the Internet (such as at home), just not within our private lan.
iFolder users can access iFolder and their files at home but not at school.
Tried unloading ipflt and ipxflt with no change. However, when I change
the default route on the iFolder server to the router's IP then all is fine,
but the secretaries in the different buildings cannot access the main
student database here. When the default route is set to the web/e-mail
server's private IP then they have access (via mapped drive) but iFolder is
gone. NAT is set to DYNAMIC, tried NAT IMPLICIT FILTER both enabled and
And finally, each workstation in the district can ping all the other
server's public IP addresses
Any suggestions or ideas, please?

Thank you,