Setup .....

BM Primary public
BM Primary private yyy.yyy.yyy.10

Secondary address
Static NAT to yyy.yyy.yyy.200 (SMTP Server)

Filters ...... Public -----> Private
Ports 25 ------------> 1024-64k (Specific source host)
Ports <All> --------> 25 (Specific source host)

Private ------> Public
<All> ---------------> 25 (Specific destination host)
25 -----------------> 1024-64k
ACK Bit and stateful disabled

We have a default gateway in BM set to our ISP router and we
found to get anything out we needed a default route in the SMTP server set
to yyy.yyy.yyy.10 (the primary private BM Ip address).

We receive mail from the external server via the static NAT address
( however outgoing mail goes via the primary address. The
external SMTP server expects the mail from and will not
accept it from (our corporate mailhost addess). Is it
possible to get the mail from the internal server to go out via the static
NAT address?

Thanks in anticipation