I am want to know which plugguins I should be running with sp8a;

Currently; I have :
NetWare sp8a
iPrint client5.20
macOS 4.40

iManager 2.7.2 with iprint pluggins (running on a separate box)

Is this all correct?

I am slighty confused as to which version of imanager and iprint pluggins once we have upgraded to sp8a.


I have iManager 2.7.3 (sles 10 sp1) iprint linux management pluggins (running on a separte box)

I am assuming I cant use imanager 2.7.3 running sles 10 sp1 to create and delete printers etc or will it work if I installed netware iprint netware pluggins modules on sles 10sp1 ??

Please advise.