Well,, we went and purchased a bunch of E75's as replacement for
previous Nokia's and with the help of the thread's here, they actually
worked.....and worked rather well..

But,,Now,, our of 4 people with the same phones, same settings, same
POA,etc....2 has gone berserk.,, problem is,, one of them is mine....

For the last week, my phone sync's approx every 2 min's, 24/7
which makes a noticable dent in the batterylife.
This occured for another user more or less directly when we setup our
phones, though we thought it was something with his account.

My phone worked gr8 the first 3, 4 weeks, batterylife gr8,,etc,
but, as stated, since a little more than a week, sync,sync sync.. all
the time and fast dying battery.

I've reset the phone, tried doublechecking all settings AND they are
identical to the phones which do NOT display this behavior.
Checking on the webadmin page with verbose loggin, there's no errors,
only continuously occuring synk.