We have BM37sp3fsp4c running on a NW51sp7 server. That is the only function
that particular server does.
We use Nat coming from another server that is the default gateway of all users
on this network. The BM server and Nat
server have 2 Nics, one private and one public. The other day we received a
message that the Nat server is propagating a
virus. This message came from our Isp which they received from their sniffer.
The IT director had me disable Nat to let
everything go through BM. When that happened my phone began to ring off the
hook from irate users claiming that
their services stopped. Obviously the firewall is not functioning on BM.
Filtering is disabled in Inetcfg. I have become paranoid
to change a setting when everything is working fine. If I enable filtering in
Inetcfg and setup filters in filtcfg can I shut down the
Nat from the other server? Would I also have to point workstations to use BM
as the default gateway? Also does proxy enter
into this picture if a service like ftp is going through a browser. If this is
the correct senario would I have to find all the ports and
services that people use and punch a hole in the firewall to get them to
continue working? If everything goes through BM is that
going to cause a strain on that server with all that traffic? Any help would
be greatly appreciated.