I've set up a BM3.8sp2a with 2 public interfaces (A & B) and 1 private
interface (C). A is the NIC with slower connection but binds to a bunch
of public IPs that are NATed to the internal servers. B has a faster
connection and is used as default route. Things are fine without IPFLT.

Let's say I want to connect to an internal server (Internal IP: W.X.Y.Z)
from the Internet thru the NAT on NIC A... To do this, I set up two rules:

1. Inbound requests to the Telnet server:
Src interface: A
Dest interface: C
Port: Telnet
Src Addr: Any
Dest Addr: W.X.Y.Z

2. Outbound responses from the Telnet server:
Src interface: C
Dest interface: A
Port: Telnet
Src Addr: W.X.Y.Z
Dest Addr: Any

..... and needless to say, the rules don't work at all!

Can someone please correct me? What else do I need? Should the outbound
responses directed to the default route instead?