Hi -

I'm setting up a new test client after having to reinstall the ZENWorks Server as a multiple server (because we need the reporting service). I am now running into an issue where every time I attempt to install the client on a system I get the following message :

SSC Configured for Computer-based Policies

This computer's authentication information is currently unavailable. If you continue to see this warning, you will either need to rejoin the domain or contact your network administrator.

When I checked the Event Viewer / Application log, I see MSSoap errors - which according to some of the information I've found so far on the forums seems to point towards a certificate issue. However I installed the certificate manually on the test system and still get his error. Also rejoining the doman has no effect.

I'm am working in a Windows environment with AD - client workstations are XP Pro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks.