Hey fellow soapers,

I just had a situation where our software stopped running due to
hitting the soap size limit on a readCursorRequest.

Even after we changed the limit to 2 MB and lowered the requested ammount to
the POA didn't respond for a certain batch.

Now I understand that we want to be smart with memory,
but we also want to be efficient.

So while thinking about an approach where we dynamically set the cursor
I had the idea that we could set a special value for the size ( like -2 or
so, so we are backwards compatible )

And then the POA decides how many items we get.
Basically just under the soapsizelimit.

Or we could specify the kilo bytes with the minus. ( -500 )

And the POA may add one item over the limit.
( So its easy to write the loop )

Or the POA may simply stop adding more items if the batch is getting close
to the soapsizelimit.

I really believe that would be a great feature.

Any comments ?